Smoke, dust, environmental pollution, daily work pressure make your mind stressed, your body tired, decrease antibody power. These things affect health and skin of the women.

Nudielegs is an ideal place for health and beauty of you. Coming to Nudielegs, you seem to return to the natural house of yourself, tired feeling after stressful working hours will be disappeared. Warm, relaxing environment from vitality of nature, sea, murmuring stream, medical herb, oil essence... together with the best care therapies, treatments will recover balance for your health and beauty.

In addition to traditional therapy of spa from hot mineral stream, spa therapies that contact oil essence of releasing toxicity and stress-decreasing therapy with extracts from Lanvender, Lemonglas... will help your mind more lucid, your spirit cheerier, your body stronger, your face more wonderful.

Nudielegs has all kinds of skin care services such as: facial skin care, sun burnt skin, pimple, freckle treatment, … and health care, stress free therapy, hair salon, nails, manicure, pedicure, making up, hair waxing, etc … spafonail also provides training on beautifying services. If you want to become a professional beautician, please do not hesitate to join spafonail Beauty Salon where you will be offered the training based on the best updated foreign material and you will be trained by the best personal trainers.